Daniel Craig on The Tonight Show October 17, 2008

This past Friday, 17 October, Daniel Craig visited with Jay Leno on NBC’s The Tonight Show. Despite having his injured left arm in a sling, and putting up with Leno’s usual gibberish, Craig managed to be both entertaining and Bondy-cool.  Check out the story he tells about getting the role of 007!  He’s out on the publicity trail, thumping the tub for Quantum of Solace, and there’s a very cool, though very short, clip from the movie.

Here’s the first part:

and here’s part 2:

QM Productions attempts its own Bond

In the new issue of HMSS, there’s an article about spy-oriented episodes of “The FBI,” the longest running show produced by QM Productions. Well, about 30 years ago, QM Productions tried to do a Bond-like TV show. The pilot for this was called “Death Ray 2000.” And it’s up on YouTube. Here’s part I:

By this time, Quinn Martin had sold his company. So while it’s listed as being “A QM Production,” he wasn’t around for this.

QM’s T.R. Sloane character was picked up as a series, but not until a lot of reworking. The lead was recast with none other than Robert Conrad. A villain in “Death Ray 2000” was turned into T.R. Sloane’s sidekick.  Dan O’Herlihy as Sloane’s boss was retained, but got a shave and moved his office behind a toy store front.

Here’s an opening titles from the series:

“A Man Called Slone” didn’t last long, getting canceled after 12 episodes at the start of the 1979-80 TV season.