QoS: Let the product tie-ins begin!

One reality of modern movie making is striking as many product placement deals as possible. That way, your “partners” have an incentive to promote your movie, integrating it into their advertising.

On Monday, from morning until prime time, Orbitz.com ran Quantum of Solace-themed advertising on MSNBC that included plenty of clips from the new James Bond film. Undoubtedly, this is just the start of Bond-related spots from QoS “partners” between now and Nov. 14, when the film goes into release in the U.S. That’s on top of plenty of ads for the movie itself. Columbia/Sony bought plenty of QoS spots during Fox’s National Football League coverage on Sunday.

Our favorite QoS title song parodies

Some might even argue they’re better than the title song that was selected.

Song No. 1 by Joe Cornish that was uploaded to YouTube this summer:

Song No. 2:


Not exactly John Barry and Don Black, but not bad…

Daniel Craig talks to Playboy

Like predecessors Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan, current 007 Daniel Craig did an interview with Playboy magazine. It’s in the November issue.

Among the highlights: Craig’s favorite Bond is Sean Connery and his favorite “Bond girl” is Diana Rigg from “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.” Also, while he says he signed on for four Bond movies, Craig says “wait and see.”

The Detroit Free Press ran some excerpts in Monday’s paper. Here’s the link (scroll down to second item):