QoS: Daniel Craig’s publicity grind

To be honest, this first video is more glitzy than informative. This also looks like a typical movie promotional tour. Entertainment journalists get their five to 10 minutes with the star, act like they’re doing an “in-depth” interview. The actor, meanwhile, tries to get through as many of these in a day as possible.

But, heck, this is a James Bond weblog, so here it is:

UPDATE: This video looks features an interview with Daniel Craig that we suspect was taped the same day as the above interview. It runs a few minutes longer:

UPDATE No. 2: The guys from Sky News interview Craig the same day. Do you think he might have been tired of the grind by the end of the day?

QoS: another review

The reviews are already piling up. So here’s another one. Just click here. It’s from the Twitch Web site.