DVD Savant on Live and Let Die

One of my favorite film critics, Glenn Erickson, is the critical voice at the DVD Savant website.

Today, he’s posted a review of the new Blu-Ray of Live and Let Die; in addition to commenting on the technical aspects of the disc, he also puts his movie critic hat on and make some salient points about the 1973 Roger Moore crapfest:

“The original Bond diet of intrigue and danger has been jettisoned in favor of a series of cartoon adventures and chases. Bond gets caught in revolving café tables and booths that drop like elevators through the floor. Because Roger Moore isn’t very physically adept or graceful in motion, the major set pieces have him piloting vehicles that perform all the action.”

Read the whole thing RIGHT HERE. And check out the rest of his site — it’s chock-full of great reading!

— Paul

This just in — QOS hits the UAE!

The all-important review from the Khaleej Times is now online!

When the Dubai newspaper-of-record gives a new James Bond film the ol’ thumbs-up, we can’t help but sleep a little more peacefully in our beds, knowing that we’ve got a winner on our hands.  The newspaper quotes a diehard 007 fan thusly:

…for Zoheb Bashir, a resident of Sharjah, Bond movies are all about the 007 suits, the flashy cars, and the gorgeous Bond girls. “It’s not something that I have been waiting to watch, but I would probably check it out over the weekend. I have seen a few of the previous Bond movies, and hope Quantum of Solace would be a better than the previous ones.”

Clearly, having seen a few of the previous Bond movies, Mr. Bashir knows his stuff.  We’ll take his imprimatur as a good sign.

You can read the entire probing analysis RIGHT HERE. And you can quell your worries about the effectiveness of this latest 007 opus right now.