The New York Times on Ian Fleming’s Jamaica

The Sunday, Nov. 9, travel section of The New York Times spotlights the Carribean. There are a few items of notes for Bond fans.

First, there’s a slideshow called Exploring 007’s Literary Beginnings. You can see it HERE.

There’s also an article headlined Ian Fleming’s Jamaica. An excerpt:

“The island was Fleming’s retreat, artist colony and passion, and he repeatedly sent Bond, an incarnation of Walter Mitty-esque wish fulfillment, on assignment there. The legendary spy experienced the island as Fleming did — beautiful and underdeveloped with enough exoticism, history and potential for danger to justify it as a backdrop for postwar espionage adventure.”

To read the entire article, just click HERE.

And once you’re there, you can also check out a video on the Times Web site.

Would you believe — Get Smart outtakes?

Of course you would. These days, the Internets make almost anything possible.