Craig and Forster discuss QoS on

The star and director of Quantum of Solace ask each other a variety of questions, including Forester quizzing Craig on movies he’d rather forget. Also, Forster says he made the Bond movie he always wanted to see. It watch it, click HERE.

UPDATE: Time magazine’s Web site has a whole bunch of stories about James Bond and Quantum of Solace. Among them: features on villains, 007 title song performers, traveling like James Bond and a story about Ian Fleming. You can survey Time’s offerings by clicking HERE.

Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli at UK Premier

Here’s Quantum of Solace producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli sparring with reporters at the movie’s U.K. premier a couple of weeks ago. The reporters don’t seem to get a whole lot of information out of the producers.

The Project Strigas Affair, conclusion

Given that Quantum of Solace hits U.S. theaters on Friday, we’re going to dial back the “Other Spies” stuff for a few days. So we figure it’s time to wrap up this serialization of The Project Strigas Affair from the first season of The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

In part 4, a big oops. Leonard Nimoy has thrown a major monkey wrench in the plan devised by Solo and Kuryakin. William Shatner is stuck in the middle. Shatner also displays his well-known, subtle acting style. Also, Leo G. Carroll’s Mr. Waverly may look like a kindly elderly gent but shows he can be a real manipulating bastard:

In part 5, the trap is sprung. At the end of the episode, the villain of the story looks somewhat like Col. Klink on his way to the Russian Front. Meanwhile, things seem to work out nicely for both Shatner and Nimoy. After viewing the episode, we suspect executive producer Norman Felton and producer/developer Sam Rolfe were looking to rehire Joseph Sargent as soon as possible to direct another episode. Take a look:


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