Casino Royale titles sequence

kleinmanJust in case Quantum of Solace left you feeling a little empty, you can enjoy some good Casino Royale nostalgia over at the very cool Art of the Title website, where they have a beautiful — I’m talking beautiful — 720p High-Definition QuickTime of Danny Kleinman’s titles sequence from that film.

Enjoy the eye candy RIGHT HERE , and participate in the discussion! You think some folks would know better, but apparently there are those that actually don’t like it… so go add your two cents!

QoS hits $70.4 million opening weekend in U.S., Canada

The initial projections of a $70 million opening weekend for Quantum of Solace appear to have occurred.

Bloomberg News’s Michael White and James Callan write that QoS is estimated to sell $70.4 million in tickets in its opening weekend in the U.S. and Canada. The figure includes actual sales on Friday and Saturday with estimates for today. That’s the biggest opening for a Bond movie to date.

“The numbers are amazing,” Paul Dergarabedian, president of Media By Numbers, told Bloomberg in an interview. “`Casino Royale’ ushered in a whole new era of Bond and `Quantum of Solace’ definitely capitalized on that. The re-imaging of the franchise has really worked.”

The entire story can be read HERE.

UPDATE: The Associated Press’s story (via Yahoo!) has some different quotes but the same facts. You can read that story RIGHT HERE.

QoS: video blogger reviews

With the Internets, it’s not just the Roger Eberts and A.O. Scotts of the world who get to weigh in on movies. So, let’s check out what some of the video bloggers are saying:

1. “It sucked compared to Casino Royale.” Uh-oh. Doesn’t sound good. “The whole movie summed up by having him run around and punch people.”

2. This one from a reviewer who liked the movie, except he says it’s a little slow in places. The sound is a little soft:

3. OK, change of pace. Here’s a video of a BBC 5 review: “It is a mess-and-a-half of a film.”