The Adventures of Secret Agent Alexander Wellington!

awOur good friend Perrin Spychala makes what we think are the absolute best fan-made James Bond parodies in the world.

His “Alexander Wellington” series — there’s five entries, so far — are a laugh-out-loud funny, but loving tribute to the long-running James Bond franchise; one of the conceits of Spychala’s scenario is that the Wellington films have been around for just about as long as 007’s. Hence, the videos of the individual titles come complete with faux “making-of” documentaries; interviews; “deleted scenes;” etc.

Hard-core Bond fans will have a blast spotting the references — including some hysterical casting inconsistencies (on purpose, of course). Speaking of casting, Spychala’s friend and cohort Shane Rubel is excellent as Wellington’s long-standing nemesis, the very Blofeld-esque “Falco.” Regularly-appearing analogues for Q and Miss Moneypenny pepper the series also, with much fun results.

Interested parties can check out Spychala’s Wellington press kit HERE; a short but very funny video clip HERE; and the complete presentation of the most recent Wellington epic, SMILES AREN’T FOR HEROES, over at IFilm RIGHT HERE.

You owe yourself a laugh or two (or thirty), so get acquainted with the indomitable, intrepid secret servant of her Majesty the Queen… Alexander Wellington!

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