USA Today 007 poll and Daniel Craig article

The online edition of USA Today has a poll where readers can vote on the best Bond. As of 10:15 p.m. NY time on Nov. 24, Sean Connery led with 45 percent, followed by Daniel Craig at 27 percent, Pierce Brosnan at 14 percent, Roger Moore at 10 percent and George Lazenby tied at 2 percent. You can see and vote for yourself by clicking HERE.

Of the accompany photos Connery’s is from Never Say Never Again, Moore from Octopussy and Dalton’s from Licence to Kill. We’re not positive, but Brosnan appears to be from either Tomorrow Never Dies or The World is Not Enough (he’s holding a Walther P99 while looking younger than Die Another Day). And since Lazenby did only one movie, you know when his was taken.

In the accompanying article, Daniel Craig discusses his take on 007.

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