Another Michael G. Wilson-Barbara Broccoli interview

Over at the Movies Online Web site, there’s an interview with Eon Productions chiefs Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli. Nothing too startling that hasn’t been reported elsewhere. The Quantum of Solace producers again indicate the 23rd installment of the 007 series will take longer than the two years that elapsed between Casino Royale and QoS.

From the article:

MoviesOnline: Please keep bringing in directors who bring in their own view. It’s so refreshing. There’s been talk about taking a longer break between this one and the next movie. Is that true?

Barbara Broccoli: I mean it’s just how we’re feeling at the moment. Let’s get Christmas over and then we’ll….who knows?

Michael Wilson: You know 2 of these back to back is…you know we started writing the last one when we were post on the last one so it’s been very tight….these things are done on a very tight schedule. Very tight post. When we finished…well Marc had like 3 weeks or something….

Barbara Broccoli: No, 5 weeks to cut the movie.

Also this comment from Wilson about director Marc Forster:

Michael Wilson: Before we started the picture he had every set and every location mapped out with his DP and he had the position of every camera setup on the set before he started the movie. That’s unheard of.

The entire article can be viewed by clicking RIGHT HERE.

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