reports Craig saying he wants “fresh start” for Bond 23

Over the fine site, there’s a story from Devin Zydel quoting Daniel Craig as saying he wants a “fresh start,” story-wise, in Bond 23.

“No f—king way. I’m done with that story,” Craig is quoted as saying whether Bond 23 would be the third in a trilogy.

To read the entire story, click RIGHT HERE.

3 Responses

  1. To whom it may concern,
    This is not really a reply but is concerning a different matter that is both positive & construction, 007… it is a business proposal regarding the further development of the ‘007’ franchise:
    I, Roy Poland-O’Wosu who is a professional Actor & Writer/Director within the commercial Film & T.V. industry, would like to be granted the written copyright clearance to create a new character onto script pages and thus onto the Silver Screen, to be written by me in due course… to write up an Adapted Screenplay which introduces the fictitious British secret agent 002 (not another 007 adventure) to the Silver Screen, in a fictitious adventure I’m sure Eon Productions Ltd. would be interested in actually producing, hopefully. Interested? Then phone me on 07939112863… to let us hopefully, further develop the ‘007’ franchise into a great ‘002’ Script-to-Film project… okay? I need the ‘green light’… okay? please get back to me at your earliest convenience in response to this proposal. Thank you… over & out !!!

  2. Hi Roy —

    You may have… overestimated… our influence with the James Bond production team. Proposal such as yours should be directed to the appropriate party at:

    Eon Productions Ltd.
    Eon House
    138 Picadilly
    London W1J 7NR

    Telephone 020-7493-7953

    Best of luck in your endeavors!

  3. congratulations:
    you’ve transform the wry, sophisticated james bond
    into a drooling, knuckle dragging neanderthal.

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