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A look at the typography of Quantum of Solace


For you combination Bond Fans/Typography Geeks out there, the FontFeed.com blog has a terrifically interesting piece on MK12 and their titles work for Quantum of Solace, the latest James Bond movie.

The article contains an analysis of the main titles sequence, and, in a linked page, the typography of the location-specific title cards used throughout the film. They also get into the history of MK12 a little bit, so your who are these guys? questions get something of an answer.

It’s a little on the technical side, but MK12 Create Custom Type for Quantum of Solace Title Sequence provides an interesting peek into a rather specialized subset of fandom. But, watch out! If you’re not careful, you may learn something.

More about James Bond songs from UK documentary

The original spoofy Casino Royale in 1967 was, by all accounts, a big mess. It was instigated by Cubby Broccoli’s former boss, Charles K. Feldman, who snared the rights. But Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, after already having to make Kevin McClory a partner in Thunderball, weren’t in the mood to share a second time with another producer. So Feldman made Casino Royale a spoof instead. Uneven is probably the most tactful description.

However, the film has a major asset, the song The Look of Love. The story behind it is can be seen below. Also, we get a look at the creation of the title song for Moonraker, the third (and least popular) Shirley Bassey Bond song. Dame Shirley wasn’t as keen on it as her earlier Bond efforts but says she did as a favor to her old collaborator John Barry.

As it turns out, Hal David did the lyrics for both of the songs featured in this segement: