The screen’s first Felix Leiter remembered

That, of course, would be American actor Jack Lord, born 88 years ago today on Dec. 30, 1920.

Lord’s association with the James Bond film series was only in Dr. No. Whatever one thinks of him (he has his fans and detractors), JL was there at the beginning of Bond in the cinema. Also, he would go on to star in Hawaii Five-O for 12 seasons (1968-80). At the end of the 11th season, one-time Bond George Lazenby was a guest star. So in honof JL, who passed away in early 1998, we present:

1. A fan trailer put up on YouTube, including a few clips of Felix with Bond

2. We link to IMDB where you can watch the Hawaii Five-O episode “Forty Feet High and it Kills!” the second encounter between lawman Steve McGarrett and international bad guy Wo Fat. You can view it by clicking RIGHT HERE.

3. The original, 90-second version of Morton Stevens’s Five-O theme from the two-hour pilot episode:

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