007-themed Super Yachts

Well, here’s a devoted Bond fan for you: John A. Staluppi, founder of the Millennium Superyachts shipbuilders, names his signature yacht creations after the James Bond movies. He created the firm to build The World Is Not Enough in 1998, and then went on to build the Octopussy, Moonraker, and Thunderball. The 43.5 m Octopussy broke the 50-knot barrier 18 years ago, securing Staluppi’s reputation in the super-yachting world.

copyright CNN

copyright CNN

His latest, the 49.7 m Casino Royale, has a range of 4300th nautical miles at its 10 knots cruising speed. its interior was codesigned by Staluppi’s wife. The lounge has a theater system stocked with every James Bond movie, and it’s divide is decorated with a figurine of Vesper Lynd.

CNN.com has got the whole story. Check it out, and start thinking about how you too can get rich and play like this guy!

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