Listen to the SpyCast!

ipodSome time ago, HMSS ran a story about Washington, DC’s International Spy Museum. We’re pleased to report that the museum is also, for your listening pleasure, putting out a pretty terrific podcast on a monthly basis. Called, naturally enough, SpyCast, its topics run the gamut from the history of America’s intelligence services to the hardware of spycraft; there are interviews with everyone from former MI5 chief Stella Remington to actor/spy buff Robert DeNiro. Fascinating stuff, all of it.

SpyCast is hosted by Peter Earnest, executive director of the museum. He was previously, and for many years, a CIA case officer (that means real spy), so he knows, presumably, whereof he speaks.

You can subscribe via iTunes, or go straight to THE SOURCE and download what interests you. There’s quite a bit there that surely will!

DGA magazine interviews living 007 directors

The quarterly magazine for the Directors Guild of America has an interview of the living Bond directors. The Double O Section blog has the cover and a summary RIGHT HERE.

One thing that had escaped our notice (sorry) was that one of those interview subjects is president of the DGA. To see what Michael Apted is up to these days, click RIGHT HERE.

Encyclopedia of TV Spies about to debut

On March 1, Bear Manor Media will release The Encyclopedia of TV Spies by Wes Britton. From some of the promotional material:

What do you know about The Piglet Files, Doomwatch, The Sandbaggers? Has your DVD diet included Passport to Danger, Man in a Suitcase, Sleepers? That’s what The Encyclopedia of TV Spies is all about—the icons of TV past, the obscure, the neglected classics, and the misfires. If you’re a spy buff or a fan of TV history, this is one that belongs on your bookshelf!

It’s available for preorder at

Price is $29.95 for the 497-page, softcover book.