Now YOU can dress like James Bond!

goldfinger-suit1While we’re really not in the business of shilling for commercial websites, this particular one tickled our Walter Mitty fancy. It’s got too much fun stuff not to share.

Magnoli Clothiers offers quite a number of James Bond-inspired clothes (which is nicer than saying “knock-offs,”) to help the well-heeled 007 fan dress like Sean Connery or Daniel Craig. They’ve certainly got the details right — check out their “Goldfinger Three-Piece Suit”, for instance. Take a tour around the site, they also offer traditional Bondian Chelsea boots, knitted ties, and Turnbull & Asser-style shirts with the folded back cuffs (available in Sea Island Cotton, no less!)

But wait, there’s more… If you have a yen to dress like Indiana Jones, Jake Gittes, or, for some reason, the Joker, these guys have the threads if you’ve got the bread.

One thing they don’t have, oddly enough, is a James Bond Dr. No-style trilby hat. Fortunately, the good folks over at Baron California Hats have got one all set to go for you.

Iconic Five-O location averts closing (apparently)

OK, Hawaii Five-O isn’t a spy show, but it did have some spy stories and it starred Jack Lord the screen’s first Felix Leiter. So this is fair game for us.

Five-O had a memorable main title, thanks to the theme by Morton Stevens and the title design by Reza S. Badiyi. One of the key moments was the set up for Lord’s “Starring” credit when a camera zooms in on lawman Steve McGarrett standing on a balcony of the Ilikai Hotel. The hotel also showed up in a number of episodes.

The Ilikai nearly closed, although it apparently received a reprieve, according to THIS FEB. 25 NEWS STORY. We hope that’s still the case. In any event, this gives an excuse to show you this main title from the first season: