Vic Flick update: James Bond Now

Wes Britton advises us of the following about Vic Flick, the guitarist on the original rendition of The James Bond Theme:

James Bond Now, a wonderful collection of Vic’s reworkings of classic Bond tunes along with original compositions, can be ordered from Vic himself for $15.00 including shipping and handling by E-mailing Vic direct at:

You can get it autographed by the “Guitarman” himself! (Guitarman is the name of Vic’s memoir that came out from Bear Manor Media last year—something for book and music aficionados alike!)

Information on the book can be found HERE or HERE

Some family business to take care of

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From the Hey, Sometimes You Gotta Help Your Brudda Nepotism Department:

This has absolutely nothing to do with James Bond. On the other hand, my brother, James Baack, would qualify as a “friend of HMSS,” so this kind of squeaks in under the threshold…

The Bloody Rage of Bigfoot is a film project James has been working on for some time. It combines his interest in cryptozoology with his passion for Grade-Z cheapo monster movies. I worked up a poster for him (mostly just for fun), which he put on his website, along with some behind-the-scenes photographs of the production.

Of course, you never know what could happen with things thrown willy-nilly onto the Web. Somehow, some European horror film websites glommed on to the poster image, leading to some Internet chatter, which was eventually picked up by the more-or-less reliable JoBlo Movie Network! You can read the full story in their “Arrow in the Head” section: Bloody Bigfoot in 3D?! .

So, stop by JoBlo’s site to express your support and enthusiasm for this upcoming classic of the Cinéma du Sasquatch. Now that the marketing campaign has begun, it’s coming time for James to actually make the movie!

— Paul Baack

“The Rarest Of the Rare”

golden-gunIf, during these terrific economic times, you’ve got an extra fifteen-and-a-half thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket, then Bauman Rare Books has got just the item for you.

“THE RAREST, BY FAR, OF THE BOND BOOKS” is the 1965 Jonathan Cape first issue of Ian Fleming’s The Man with the Golden Gun, with a gilt-embossed golden gun on the front of the binding. “Octavo, original gilt-stamped black cloth, patterned endpapers, original dust jacket… housed in a a custom clamshell box.”

High production costs for this particular edition led Cape to switch to an edition without the gilt-stamped gun. They have no record of how many copies were produced with the gun; expert’s estimates are less than 300. This is most likely something you’re not going to stumble over at your local swap meet, or at your neighbor’s garage sale.

The complete details can be found RIGHT HERE, as well as your opportunity to place your order for it. Bauman has a nice collection of rare and first edition Fleming; as well as, no doubt, some other authors, if anybody cares.

So, wax up your credit card and pay them a visit. Tell ’em HMSS sent you; they’ll no doubt be impressed.