Quantum of Solace DVD on Tuesday, reviews out already

The DVD for Quantum of Solace, Daniel Craig’s second outing as 007, is coming out on Tuesday. The reviews are in already. Here’s one from Scotsman.com:

(W)hen Paul Greengrass unleashed The Bourne Ultimatum… it exposed new Bond for the posing, pouch-wearing pretender he was and the franchise for the relic it had become.

That should have been the Bond producers’ cue to ratchet things up, especially since the bewildering success of Casino Royale proved there was still an enormous audience out there for 007 movies. Alas, with a mandate to do whatever they wanted, with Quantum of Solace they chose to try and outdo The Bourne Ultimatum – simply by replicating everything in that film with even more breakneck intensity.

It’s exciting, sure, but so much of it has been seen before that it doesn’t leave you scraping your jaw from the floor. Only when Bond is escaping from the Bergenz Opera House and the sound of gunfire falls away to be replaced by Puccini’s Tosca does Quantum display the kind of sophisticated blend of high culture and gutsy violence that should characterise an ultra-modern Bond film.

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A somewhat nicer review, giving it 8 out of 10:

Quantum of Solace is no Casino Royale, but then it never could be that. What made Casino Royale not only the best James Bond film to date but also a great film in its own right was its emphasis on Bond the man, its retelling of how he became 007, and his tragic relationship with the treacherous Vesper Lynd. Those are all unique to that particular story and can never be duplicated. Instead, QoS is content with being an extended but action-packed epilogue to its more thoughtful and romantic predecessor.

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