Eon gets casting suggestions for Bond 23

The Cinematical site has come up with seven suggestions for actresses for Eon Productions to consider when casting the female lead for Bond 23. Kevin Kelly, the author of the post, opines about Quantum of Solace:

I just found myself bored throughout it, except maybe during that opening car chase. Otherwise, it was snoozeville. I lay part of that blame on the fact that we didn’t get a decent Bond girl to go with it. Olga Kurylenko bored me to tears with her monotonal portrayal of a daughter seeking revenge, and I would have much rather seen more of the redhead who is all-too-briefly seen as another MI6 agent sent to guard Bond.

Among Kelly’s suggestions: Megan Fox and Carla Gugino. You can read the entire article by clicking RIGHT HERE.

3 Responses

  1. Pinto for Bond girl??NOOOO Aniston???NOOOO; do you have to cast only stars beacause you are so afraid that movie can be a crap so at leat you have to support its release with famous names???Craig is enough to support that movie, if the script is good… and Bond Girls…??? well, I’m ready;D; still waiting on the phone;D

  2. please dont scrue it up like quantum of solace, make it modern like casino royale, give bond back his p99, introduce Q and moneypenny, have some good car chases like at the begining of quantum of solace (the unique accomplishement of quantum of solace) with bond in a dbs or a one-77, make the car realistic (unlike die another day), dont copy paste scenes from older bonds, get good writers like in casino royale, good hand to hand combat (avoid making it look like the bourne series, nobody like copy cats eh), get some classic bond moments into it (without making them look too cheesey), find a way to get bond into a suit with tie.

  3. I agree megan fox is not the right one for this def not. you need a new foreign face someone from an country like from the asian continent maybe india.

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