Attention James Bond collectors! Break out your checkbook…

Stephen Lane’s The Prop Store of London, which sells motion picture props, costumes, and other memorabilia, is running a “Bond Week” sale, with more than 150 props and other artifacts from the 007 movies. It began March 23, but there still appears to be a number of items as yet unsold.

casinoroyale-cardbox1The relevance of items offered runs from WOW! to HUH?, and the prices run from NOT TOO BAD, I CAN HANDLE THAT to OUCH! Of course, in the world of collecting, everything is subjective. We like this particular item — a Casino Royale pack of playing cards — which is reasonably priced and very very cool. All items purchased from The Prop Store of London are exhaustively researched as to their provenance, and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

So cash in whatever worthless stocks you still have, raid your 401(k), or arranged to sell your firstborn, and head over to their website to do some serious shopping. Tell ’em HMSS sent you!

Bond girl interview coming up this week

Wes Britton, a friend of this site, passes along the following:

When you think of Bond girls, the name Max Versterhalt might not jump to mind. However, she not only appeared in Roger Moore’s 1981 For Your Eyes Only, she was originally intended to be one of its stars.

On the next edition of the online radio show, Dave White Presents, Max tells her story, of how a poster of her promoting Greek tourism brought her to the attention of Cubby Broccoli, what went on during the filming of the casino scene, and what she thought of Roger Moore and director John Glen. She discusses a new website currently being constructed about “Bond Girls of Color.”

The other guests are Lonnie Burr, an original member of the Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeers and David Vasquez, author of Mr. Swan’s Big Idea; The Revitalization of America’s Railroads. These interviews, plus the usual “predictably unpredictable” comedy bits, will first air this Tuesday, March 31, at 7:30 p.m. Pacific time, 10:30 EST over—

On April 1, the show will become available for 24/7 access at