“Uncle Jed, buy me a spy car.”

Beverly Hillbilly Jethro Bodine longed to be “a double-naught secret agent,” and implored his millionaire uncle to get him the proper set of wheels.

©  Exclusive Motor Cars

© Exclusive Motor Cars

If you’re like Jethro, or you’re a James Bond fan, or a car buff, or a James Bond car buff, or a hard-core Bond collector, and if you can spare $126,000, the good people at Exclusive Motor Cars have a deal for you.

Using an early 2000s V8 Ford Mustang as a base, this Canadian “Q branch” can put together for you a replica of James Bond’s Die Another Day Aston Martin Vanquish, complete with a, in their words, “spy package.”

Said package includes:

  • Front Grill Rockets;
  • Machine Gun Cannons;
  • Revolving License Plate;
  • Center Console Champagne Case;
  • and, in a perhaps un-Bondian nod to safety considerations,
    Back Seat Compartment for fire extinguisher and helmet

The actual body of the car is a combination of vacuum infused and hand laid up fibreglass composite. You can get it in any color you want, but, let’s face it, you’re going to be ordering it in a proper shade of silver. Interior colors are Aston Martin standards.

So, for your money, you’re getting a luxury sports car tricked out with way-cool 007 gadgetry. The company stresses that they’re not in the business of building Aston Martin replicas:

We are trying to reproduce the ultimate James Bond spy car, not an Aston Martin (That is Aston Martin’s job).

This is from their FAQ, and gives us a frisson of covetous glee:
Q: How close is your car to the original James Bond car?
A: Very close.

Specifications, pricing, pictures, and all the other requisite business can be found at their website; we recommend jumping straight to THE SPY CAR page.

Ask your Uncle Jed to break out his checkbook, Jethro!

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