As we type this, Jon Stewart just led off The Daily Show with a segment comparing President Barack Obama’s trip to Europe and Iraq to 007 (and Superman from Superman IV). More tomorrow (when we can perhaps embed the video).

UPDATE: For now, just check out The Daily Show’s Web site by clicking RIGHT HERE. It’s a video called 00Bama: International Man of History.

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  1. Hi!

    I wanted to pass along yet another Comedy Central re-imagining of our President as a smoth 00 agent who can solve anything and do anything!

    The webisodes will air on Comedy Central’s ATOM TV starting on October 5th. In addition, you can view them online here:



  2. […] The adventures of 00Bama Posted on October 3, 2009 by The HMSS Editors Some months ago, we noted how Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” ran a segment comparing U.S. President Barack Ob… […]

  3. Thank you, James. See our new post about the adventures of 00Bama on Atom.com and Atom TV.

  4. Thank for posting the link and writing about the show! For record, I am the same James Jolly ;-). I love the blog concept and look forward to reading future posts!

    P.s: Do you have a twitter page?

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