More HMSS (and reader) nominations for best line(s) from James Bond movies

Our post the other day about nominations for best lines from James Bond movies drew five responses. So here’s some of the feedback we got for additions plus a few we added.

The World Is Not Enough

James Bond: The world is not enough.
Elektra King: Foolish sentiment.
James Bond: Family motto.

Die Another Day

Q (following virtual reality exercise): Very good, 007, though killing M. was certainly not part of the exercise.

Bond: I think if you examine the replay Q, you’ll see M. suffered only a
flesh wound.

Diamonds Are Forever

Plenty O’Toole: Hi, I’m Plenty!
Bond: But of course you are!
Plenty: Plenty O’Toole!
Bond: Named after your father, perhaps?

(later after Bond coolly demonstrates his expertise at the crap table.)
Plenty: Say, you’ve played this game before!
Bond: Just once.

(still later when Bond has finally entered Blofeld’s lair at an abandoned oil well)

Blofeld: At present, the satellite is over…Kansas. Well, if we destroy Kansas, the world may not heard about it for years.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

(at end of the pre-credits sequence)

Bond: This never happened to the other fella!

(during ski chase)

Blofeld: We’ll head him off at the precipice!

Dr. No

(Bond arrives in a car, with a corpse in the back seat, at Government House)

Bond: Seargeant, make sure he doesn’t get away.”

(Bond to Miss Taro)

Bond: Forget it. I’m feeling Italian and musical.

(Bond and Honey just before meeting Dr. No)

Honey: I’m glad your hands are sweating too.
Bond: Of course, I’m scared too.

From Russia With Love

Grant: The first one won’t kill you. Not the second. Not even the third. Not until you crawl over here and you kiss my foot!

2 Responses

  1. Here is one of my favorite quotes from a Bond film

    Felix: “I give up. I know the diamonds are in the body but where?”
    Bond: “Alimentary, Dr Leiter.”

  2. Err, it’s “crap” table, not “craps” table. (It was correct when I posted it.)

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