Around the (Google) Earth with James Bond

Take a trip around the world using Google Earth to view some of the most famous locations of the James Bond film series. Just copy and paste the coordinates into the “Fly To” bar, and off you go!

British Secret Service HQ, London

British Secret Service headquarters

First off, we’ll start with, 007’s place of employment:
MI6 Headquarters/SIS Building, London, UK
51° 29′ 8.33″N 0° 7′ 36.38″W

Visit lots of other locations, starting RIGHT HERE .

Salute to Luciana Paluzzi

One of our favorite 007 femme fatales, Luciana Paluzzi, turned 72 last month. So we figured that was as good an excuse to honor her here.

Of course, most Bond fans remember her as Fiona, member of SPECTRE’s execution branch, in Thunderball. Here’s the trailer:

Here she is in a similar role in To Trap a Spy, the theatrical movie version of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. pilot. This is extra footage used to extend the story to movie length. A toned down version of this footage would appear in the episode The Four-Steps Affair.

A few years later, she re-teamed with Robert Vaughn in The Venetian Affair (based on a Helen MacInnes novel and had nothing to do with U.N.C.L.E.). Here’s that trailer:

And, finally, here’s the trailer for one of her lesser credits, The Green Slime.