“Young Bond” headed to the big screen?

Illustration by Kev Walker, lifted from the Young Bond Dossier website.

Illustration by Kev Walker, lifted from the Young Bond Dossier website.

According to the July 19 The Herald, a cinematic adaptation of the first “Young Bond” novel, Silverfin, might be in the works.

As hopes — although were not sure whose — for a Devil May Care film slip over the event horizon, thoughts return to a parallel film series about the adventures of a teenaged James Bond. Officially, Ian Fleming Publications refuses to comment, and a spokeswoman for EON Productions says “there’s nothing in the works at the moment.” Charlie Higson, author of the “Young Bond” series, also offers that he’s “… not really involved with that and… not privy to what goes on behind closed doors of MI6.”

Naturally, such nonspecific denials fuel the fires of speculation for fans of the juvenile series. You can read all about it at the Herald website.

HMSS advises not holding your breath.

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  1. I have it on excellent authority that the article in The Herald is total BS. The quotes attributed to Charlie Higson are inaccurate. His “casting suggestions” are fabrications. I’ve removed the story and links from my own website.

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