007/Hawaii Five-O part II

A few connections we forgot with the previous post:

Anthony Zerbe 007: Played Milton Krest, lead henchman to villain Franz Sanchez in 1989’s License to Kill. The character was actually taken from an Ian Fleming short story. Five-O: Played a vigilante who wants to “assist” Five-O in the sixth-season episode “Mother’s Deadly Helper.”

Don Stroud 007: Played Heller, another one of Franz Sanchez’s underlings in License to Kill. Like Krest, Heller perishes after Bond sows the seeds of doubt in Sanchez about the loyalty of his thugs. Five-O: Appeared in three episodes.

Triads of Hong Kong 007: Part of Raymond Benson’s first James Bond novel Zero Minus Ten. Five-O: A key part of the series ninth-season opening episode “Nine Dragons,” arguably the most Bond-like story with Wo Fat again the main villain.

The Huffington Post celebrates Goldfinger!

Sean Connery, Shirley Eaton, and Ian Fleming on the set of GOLDFINGER

Sean Connery, Shirley Eaton, and Ian Fleming on the set of GOLDFINGER

We’re not sure how many of our readers are also readers of the politically-left website The Huffington Post, but political analyst William Bradley has posted a quite nice tribute to the James Bond film Goldfinger, on the occasion of its 45th anniversary.

Mr. Bradley is clearly a long-standing and knowledgeable fan, and writes quite lovingly of what obviously is his favorite 007 picture. The (rather lengthy) post is loaded with embedded YouTube videos which will spark your nostalgia, and is followed by a spirited discussion in the Reader’s Comments section.

Another ’60s Anniversary: The Ur-Action Blockbuster Goldfinger is a happy way for a Bond fan to while away a little time, and is certainly deserving of your attention.