Alternate Quantum of Solace title songs

The title song to last year’s Quantum of Solace had, at best, mixed reviews. On YouTube, there’s a song that supposedly was submitted and rejected by the filmmakers. With YouTube, though, even a rejected song can have a life of its own. Witness this video where the song appears over the titles from the 2008 James Bond film:

Meanwhile, a parody song peformed by Joe Cornish that made the rounds before Quantum was released is back, also paired with the titles of QoS:

3 Responses

  1. As I wrote to a friend regarding that so-called ‘ rejected 007 QoS song ‘ : call me a lyer…But,errrr , what PROOF do we have the so-called ” rejected QoS theme ” was indeed…Submitted to Eon in the first place ???
    Trouble with YouTube and such , is that you got strictly no proof of the veracity of the info …
    And its quite easy – months AFTER the release – to claim ” ah , those Eon b…. rejected my beautiful song WHICH I WILL INCLUDE IN MY NEXT ALBUM.AHAHA. SO YOU’LL HAVE TO BUY IT , 007 FANS ” .
    Amy Whitehouse miserably tried that last year , and it didn’t boost her current career either …
    Ok, I’m sceptic then…
    More than that , YouTube being full of Fake infos ,I’m at 85% sure this so-called QoS rejected song is a hoax…Or at least a ‘ deformed reality ‘ new…

  2. One reason we put the word “supposedly” in the post was the lack of proof. It is an interesting song, though.

  3. I do agree : this song has a raunchy Shirley Bassey-type quality indeed …And it does sound very Bondish !

    But you should have put the word ‘ supposeddly ‘ in the TITLE of the news itself …

    As it stands , your title IS factual ( look, we’ve found other songs entries for QoS ! ) .

    Don’t know if you’re aware of the actual number of younger 007 fans who believe everything they read on the Net ( which drives me mad , but I learnt to stop trying to educate them . They simply do not believe some old pro – schmuck ? – trying to re establish the truth …)

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