The adventures of 00Bama

Some months ago, we noted how Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” ran a segment comparing U.S. President Barack Obama to James Bond.

Now, you can view videos featuring 00Bama, along with his cohorts Joey B, Hill and Rahm. It’s on, a Web site that’s part of Viacom Inc.’s MTV Networks unit, that includes Comedy Central.

For example, in one adventure, 00Bama takes on Detroit’s Big Three. In another, 00Bama questions a domestic terrorist without resorting to “aggressive interrogation techniques.”

We didn’t find out about this until James Jolly, who plays 00Bama on the videos posted a reply to our earlier 00Bama post. (At least we’re assuming it’s the same James Jolly who plays 00Bama.) UPDATE: Yes it is.

Anyway, three 00Bama videos can be viewed at ATOM.COM’S 00BAMA CHANNEL. Mr. Jolly says the “webisodes” will also air on Comedy Central’s Atom TV starting Oct. 5 (technically 2:30 a.m. on Oct. 6).

NOTE: There’s a bit of strong language in spots in the 00Bama videos.

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