Let the speculation begin! Blog says Bond going to 20th Century Fox

With all the uncertainty about MGM and what’s happening with Bond 23, we have a report about James Bond reportedly finding a new movie studio home.

The We Are Movie Geeks site says News Corp.’s 20th Century Fox may become the studio that releases James Bond movies. Some excerpts:

A source close to the dealings has let We Are Movie Geeks know that Bond is alive and well, and will be settling into his new domicile for marketing and distribution at 20th Century Fox. That’s right, expect the official word to come out any day now, but it looks like ‘Bond 23′ is going to be running behind the Fox banner.

We’ll see. If it does come to pass, this development would lead to some interesting possibilties:

1. Product placement. You might see copies of The Wall Street Journal or the New York Post used prominently as props. That’s not so far fetched. In the 2003 movie Daredevil, reporter Ben Urich went from working for the fictional Daily Bugle to the New York Post. Also, if a character is watching television during Bond 23, it wouldn’t be surprising that they’d be watching Fox News, Fox Business Channel or FX.

2. The magic word: synergy! When Bond DVDs are sold, it may be part of a package deals with Star Wars DVDs or other parts of Fox’s film library.

3. Cameos. Eon Productions bossman Michael G. Wilson may have to share time with News Corp. chief Rupert Murdoch.

For the entire WAMG post, just CLICK RIGHT HERE.

UPDATE: Another blog says they’ve gotten an e-mailed denial from MGM. To see that CLICK HERE.

UPDATE II: Yet another blog that references MGM’s denial can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.