John Barry to receive Max Steiner award

John Barry, the 11-time 007 composer and five-time Academy Award winner, is about to pick up another piece of hardware: the Max Steiner Life Achievement award.

Barry was scheduled to get the award at the Hollywood In Vienna program on Oct. 14. However, because of an illness by his wife, he can’t make it. Barry will participate via a video connection while 007 producer Barbara Broccoli and compower David Arnold will accept the award on Barry’s behalf.

Barry’s run as 007 started with 1963’s From Russia With Love after helping to arrange and orchestrate The James Bond Theme in Dr. No. He’d go on to do six straight Bonds, with his remaining five spread from 1974 to 1987. Barry’s resume, of course, is much more extensive, including The Lion in Winter, Born Free, Midnight Cowboy and Dances With Wolves.

Still, this is a 007-oriented site. So we direct your attention to YouTube, where someone did a bit more than just imagine what it would have been like had Barry composed the music for GoldenEye, the 1995 007 debut of Pierce Brosnan that was released eight years after Barry’s final Bond score. Take a look:

And here’s a bit more:

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