Let’s watch a French James Bond parody

There are so many important elements to a James Bond film: danger, beautiful women, product placement…..

With that in mind, here’s a French 007 parody — spoofing Quantum of Solace Daniel Craig as well as elements of classic Bond movies — that our friend Kevin Collette told us about. Even if you don’t speak a word of French, it’s pretty easy to follow. Bear in mind that Casino is the name of a major French retailer:

One Response

  1. The writers of this daily show ( Les Guignols ) are actually FANS of the 007 film series ! Every month there is at least a nod – or a whole sketch – dedicated to the James Bond Phenomenon !

    One of the most hilarious was to discover the ex French First Lady , Bernadette Chirac ( wife of ex President Jacques Chirac ) appointed new head of…S.P.E.C.T.R.E , complete with hidden headquarters ‘ à la Thunderball – Ken Addams ‘ deeply buried under the President’s house …While the President himself had no idea of what was going on behind his back …

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