Saab, once 007’s ride, is on the endangered list

Back in March, we ran an article on how the literary James Bond once drove a Saab and how that Swedish brand was facing tough times.

James Bond Saab

Illustration of the literary Bond’s Saab via MI6 James Bond website

Things haven’t gotten easier for Saab. In fact, Bloomberg is reporting that General Motors Co. may close Saab after sports-car maker Koenigsegg Group AB canceled a planned acquisition of the Swedish company. The story cites a person familiar with the matter that Bloomberg didn’t identify.

Bond drove a Saab in the first continuation novels by writer John Gardner, whose 007 ran began in 1981 and lasted through 1996.

3 Responses

  1. Still have an official english blurb published by Saab in Summer 81′ for their very first connection with 007 in Licenced Renewed .
    Found it in a ..Scottish Saab retailer !
    Guess you’d be interested by a scan ( recto / verso ) of said document ?

  2. Damn !!!

    You just published the verso of said promo flyer !!!!! ( laughs ) .

    If you want the front cover still …Just ask

  3. […] on December 18, 2009 by The HMSS Editors James Bond has escaped many death traps. It appears that Saab, which was 007’s car of choice in a few John Gardner novels, will not live to die another […]

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