The David Arnold-composed QOS theme — sung by Shirley Bassey!

Here’s a little pre-holiday treat:

For those who didn’t care all that much for Another Way to Die, the Jack White/Alicia Keys theme song to Quantum of Solace; for those David Arnold admirers who wish the Bond Film producers would let him compose the main theme songs; for those Shirley Bassey fans who would love to hear her perform yet another official James Bond theme song…

Feast your eyes on this:


No Good about Goodbye

Music by David Arnold. Lyrics by Don Black. Performed by Dame Shirley Bassey.

We like how elements of this theme fit into the body of Arnold’s score — pretty much the exact meaning of the term theme song! Why this wasn’t used, apart from misguided (and mistaken) commercial instincts, is beyond our ken. Does anybody care to speculate on how much bigger a pop hit this would’ve been, as opposed to what was ultimately used?

Oh well, that’s all history now. So, until they get it right next time… enjoy!