Gene Barry dies at age 90

Gene Barry passed away Dec. 9, according to an Associated Press story carried on The New York Times Web site.

In February, we had a post that discussed how his Burke’s Law series was abruptly changed into Amos Burke, Secret Agent in the fall of 1965. Barry often cut a dashing figure in multiple TV series as well as starring in the 1953 version of The War Of The Worlds. He’ll be missed.

UPDATE: Here’s the conclusion and end titles of an episode of Amos Burke, Secret Agent:

2 Responses

  1. In Europe – and mostly France , where Burke’s Law / Amos Burke , Secret Agent has still never been aired anywhere to this day – Gene Barry was more well-known for his great ITC series ‘ The Adventurer ‘ , shot in the early seventies …R.I.P Gene Bradley, then …

  2. ‘Amos Burke Secret Agent’ was repeated in Britain in 2006 on the now-defunct ‘Performance’ channel on Sky T.V. Actually its not a bad little show, a decent cash-in on ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.’ and James Bond, with Barry clearly having a ball. I wish it had run to a full season.

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