I Spy on Hulu

All three seasons of I Spy are now available on Hulu. To check it out, just CLICK RIGHT HERE. The 1965-68 series starred Robert Culp and Bill Cosby as two American agents and it made Cosby a star.

A tip of the hat goes to the Bish’s Beat blog where we saw this.

Saab, like 007, refuses to go down quietly

Saab, once 007’s preferred ride in some John Gardner books, refuses to go down quietly. Trade publication Automotive News is reporting Dec. 20 that Spyker Cars is making another bid for Saab to address issues General Motors Co. had in calling off talks on Dec. 18.

The Swedish carmaker is almost following a 007 script. We’ll see how it turns out.

Guy Hamilton’s one-time preference for 007: Burt Reynolds

Guy Hamilton, the four-time 007 director, is on record as saying he had thought Burt Reynolds would have been an intriguing choice as James Bond.

In the documentary Inside Live And Let Die, he says he had seen Reynolds on television and thought he had all the right elements. We’re told in the documentary (via LALD screenwriter Tom Mankiewicz) that Albert R. Broccoli disagreed, in part, because the producer “wanted Bond tall.”

The documentary didn’t specify which show or shows Hamilton had seen. Here are a couple. The first is Hawk, a 1966 police drama. Here’s the opening, which includes a cigarette commercial:

Here’s the opening to an episode of Dan August, another police drama from producer Quinn Martin that ran for one season on ABC in the 1970-71 season and rerun on CBS in the summer of 1973: