007 screenwriter Peter Morgan: enjoying Austria, just not doing any writing on Bond 23

The Commander Bond web site ran an item about this a few days ago but we wanted to see the original source. Peter Morgan, the Frost/Nixon screenwriter hired with a flourish to be one of the screenwriters on Bond 23, is enjoying his new life in Austria. He’s doing a bit of everything except writing Bond 23.

According to an English translation of an article in a local newspaper, Morgan worked on the project from July to October. However, the article says work was suspended until at least February because of ongoing financial uncertainty at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.

To see the original version in German, CLICK HERE. To read it in English via Google Translate, JUST CLICK HERE.

And to read the Dec. 20 Commander Bond story, just CLICK HERE. Finally, here’s a commentary by our co-publisher Paul Baack back in September about how MGM’s financial troubles are complicating the future of the 007 franchise.

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  1. So what’s exactly the point of such a topic , gentlemen ?

    The guy’s doing nothing

    Websites don’t know nothing

    So you report…Nothing ?

    Great info . Thx for the WWW indeed …

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  3. […] in the film series that began in 1962. It has already caused work on the script to be suspended, as disclosed by screenwriter Peter Morgan. MGM controls half of the Bond franchise and the 007 films are part of MGM’s film […]

  4. […] scribe behind Frost/Nison, actually was hired officially. He indicated in a December interview that he hadn’t done any work on the project since October because of the uncertainty surrounding MG… At this stage, it’s hard to tell if he’ll ever […]

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