Salute to Martin Grace, 007 stuntman

This week, the 007 film world lost Martin Grace, 67, a veteran stuntman who was Roger Moore’s primary stunt double from The Spy Who Loved Me through A View To a Kill. The MI6 Web site reported he died Jan. 27, two months after an accident where he fractured his pelvis. He had suffered a similar injury doubling for Sir Roger in an action sequence set on a train in Octopussy.

It seems fitting that Grace deserves a salute from this site. And a good place to start is For Your Eyes Only, whose pre-titles featured Grace doubling for Sir Roger holding on for dear life in a helicopter controlled by an old acquaintance:

In A View To a Kill, Grace was promoted to the spot of lead stunt arranger while still doubling for 007 in a sequence filmed at the Eiffel Tower.

The veteran stunt man had lots of work outside of the world of James Bond, as this clip shows from a film that’s instantly recognizable:

3 Responses

  1. In that opening sequence of FYEO, I have never understood the Blofeld’s insipid line “We can make a deal. I’ll buy you a delicatessen…in stainless steel!” That was the best they could do? The line makes no sense at all. What were they thinking?!

  2. Richard Maibaum denied he had anything to do with it.

  3. I know, I asked him. He said the line made him cringe…but he wouldn’t tell me who was responsible for it or what it was supposed to mean.


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