Robert Davi’s newest political ad voiceover: Michigan’s governor race

Recently, we noted how actor Robert Davi, who played a memorable James Bond villain in 1989’s Licence to Kill, had done the narration for a political ad in California that had gotten national attention.

It’s not the only such work Davi is getting in 2010. Earlier this week, Rick Snyder, a Republican candidate for governor in Michigan, started running television ads and Davi was his narrator also. Snyder is an Ann Arbor businessman and the spot says Snyder isn’t the same as career politicians.

Here’s the spot:

Davi isn’t just a voice for rent. He’s a political conservative, which is one reason he ends up doing such spots. Here’s Davi at the 2008 Republican convention:

5 Responses

  1. I find it rather …Tasteless when ‘ known figures ‘ such as Actors or Musicians use their public image to transmit a political message. But , heck, I guess the cheque must be riveting !

  2. A Republican! That explains his believability as an evil bastard in LTK!


  3. LOL! Excellent point, Barry.

    Always great to hear from you!

  4. I understand the thought Kevin, but at the same time are those that have celebrity status to be deprived of their right to free speech?


  5. By the by… is not Michigan also home to far-right winger Ted Nugent who has been said to have political aspirations?

    The “Motor City Madman” endorsed by Franz Sanchez? That’d be a story!


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