Pierce Brosnan “devastated” losing James Bond role to Daniel Craig

I was quite surprised and disappointed when Brosnan was not signed on for a fifth James Bond film. As much as I love Daniel Craig’s interpretation as 007, I’ve always felt that Pierce Brosnan was a very good actor, an excellent James Bond, and was generally highly under-appreciated and under-estimated in the role.

CLICK HERE for the full story as is being currently reported

I am very happy that Brosnan’s career since 2002 has been quite full of quality projects. From the terrific “The Matador” to the highly anticipated Roman Polanski film “The Ghost Writer” (soon to be released), Brosnan has consistently demonstrated his estimable acting talent.

Good for you Mr. Brosnan. You deserve it. And thank you for your great contribution to the James Bond series.

— Tom Zielinski

3 Responses

  1. As I already wrote somewhere else , compared to the total mess that is Quantum of Solace , D.A.D now almost look like a Classic Bond ( ok…Almost ) .

    I’m sure Mr Brosnan could have done a very good ‘ Bond Begins ‘ Casino Royale version too ( with some much needed lighter touches here & there ) but we can only dream now of what might have been if…

  2. I don’t think I can agree with the above assessment that DIE ANOTHER DAY seems like a classic Bond, in compare to QUANTUM OF SOLACE. I don’t consider either movie terrible. But QoS does seem a lot better to me than DAD.

    I don’t think that Brosnan could have done a ‘Bond Begins’ CASINO ROYALE version. He was too old. Even when he took over the role in GOLDENEYE. But if CASINO ROYALE had not been a ‘Bond Begins’ story, I believe that Brosnan would have been just as excellent as Craig.

  3. Brosnan is better then Crai in my opinion. Casino Royale was great but QOS was a mindless shoot em up. Craig comes across as a violent thug in a suit. Brosnan would’ve nailed a Casino Royale type film.

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