Joseph Wiseman included in Academy Awards “In Memoriam” segment

Joseph Wiseman was included in the “in memoriam” segment of the Oscars presentation. Demi Moore introduced the segment and James Taylor sang while clips of movie people who passed away the past year were shown.

In Wiseman’s case, there were three images. A large still at the top of the screen, apparently a publicity still from Dr. No. At the same time, in the lower left-hand corner, the dinner scene from the film is playing, with Wiseman facing the camera. A black-and-white clip from another Wiseman film played in the lower right-hand corner.

The in memoriam segment, as it turns out, is one of the hardest to produce for the Oscars because there are so many worthy actors, studio executives, writers and directors somebody is bound to be disappointed.

Others included in the segment included actress Jean Simmons, actors Patrick Swayze and David Carradine, writer Larry Gelbart and veteran Variety columnist Army Archerd.

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