HMSS contributing editor Michael Reed is a recording artist!

This just in, from the “We Had No Idea At All” Department:

It turns out that our old friend — and prolific HMSS contributing editor — Michael Reed is a recording artist! With three albums and a new EP under his belt, Michael’s music has an enjoyable folk/roots rock sound, with some nicely jangly guitar work and clear, from-the-heart vocals.

Commenting on his 2009 release One Way Round Trip, Michael said

[It] features songs about people on journeys, through time and places known and unknown, by means of land and air and memories. I played and sang every note and made the rock album I always wanted to make.

And “make” it he did — Michael sang and performed every note on the album, in addition to writing and arranging all the songs (save for one Bruce Springsteen tune). He also produced it himself, handling all the mixing, mastering, and engineering chores.

Samples are available for listening (and albums are, naturally, available for purchase) at iTunes , or on the web at You can also, if you’re a member, check out his MySpace page.

We all at Her Majesty’s Secret Servant are very proud of him. Go Michael!

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