Brosnan tells ABC he still misses the Bond role

Over in the blog section of, Pierce Brosnan indicates he still hasn’t gotten James Bond out of his blood, six years after Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli gave him the pink slip.

“I was wondering why the door closed on me!,” he said of being dropped from the role. “I thought everything was going so well! You know ‘Come back,’ they say, ‘Come back’ and there you go! We won’t talk about that.”

Also, Brosnan told ABC he still hasn’t seen either of the two Bond movies by his successor, Daniel Craig, all the way through.

“I tried to watch it on a plane once,” Brosnan said about his attempt to see one of Craig’s Bond films, “Casino Royale” and “Quantum of Solace.” “I thought, OK 37,000 feet, this is a good distance to watch it from. And I watched it and it broke down, and then they fixed it and it broke down again.”

You can read the entire blog entry by CLICKING HERE.

2 Responses

  1. Three words, Pierce:

    Get. Over. It.

    When hundreds of thousands of jobless are worrying about food and rent, complaining because instead of making millions working for Marc Forster you have to settle for doing it for Roman Polanski seems multi-dimensionally clueless.

    It always seemed to me that Brosnan got the role of 007 not necessarily because he was the best choice at the time (he might have been, but the issue was never really tested as far as I know) but because he was the most obvious choice, much as Roger Moore was the obvious choice in 1972. He represented the producers and the studio playing it safe, as did the formula-ridden films he starred in.

    EON could easily have made another Bond film or two with Brosnan and it would probably have made them and MGM more money, but I can’t see them creating the formula-shattering breath of fresh air that was Casino Royale with Brosnan in the lead. The same courage that led to shaking off many of the cliches from which previous Bond films had been put together like jigsaw puzzles also led to more creative, less obvious casting of the lead role. I liked much of Brosnan’s performances as Bond, but Craig leaves him in the dust.

    And complaining five years later about the “cruelty” of losing a role that already made you rich while large portions of your audience are struggling to survive is tone-deaf as hell.

  2. Daniel Craig looks like Charles Laughton. His juliard scenery chewing chops notwithstanding, Craig is totally miscast. Cubby picked Brosnan. If the franchise was still under his care, he would’ve have remained loyal to Pierce as he was fiercely loyal to Rog annd Timothy.

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