Bond 23: Trying to read a crystal ball

With so little hard data on Bond 23, what’s a 007 fan to do? Check the news for a sign — any sign — what may happen.

Sam Mendes, the would-be director of Bond 23 is splitting up with wife Kate Winslet. One obvious conclusion: that must mean there’s no chance that Winslet will be cast as the lead female character in Bond 23. Of course, neither Mendes nor Eon Productions has actually said that Mendes will be Bond 23’s director. So this talk may be way premature. But it’s natural.

What’s going on with the bidding for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.? Oh yeah, the second round of bids are due on Friday, March 19. Given that MGM controls half of the Bond franchise, it would seem that not much can happen until MGM’s fate is settled. But who really knows? It’s not like either MGM or Eon has actually said very much. Given the serious situation with MGM, that’s understandable but doesn’t make it easy for outsiders to figure out what’s happening.

On a related note, will the MGM auction process really settle anything? Maybe, maybe not.

One Response

  1. There is some hope for Bond 23.

    Sir Ian McKellen has announced on his blog that filming of The Hobbit starts in July, which may be significant since it is also an MGM production.

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