BBC Radio’s production of Goldfinger: listen for yourself

The BBC Radio production of Goldfinger is online and you can listen to it by CLICKING RIGHT HERE.

For those who’ve seen the movie but not read Ian Flkeming’s 1959 novel, expect a few surprises. The BBC kept some aspects of the book that were altered for the 1964 film version.

Also, it’s kind of interest to hear a former Bond film villain, Die Another Day’s Toby Stephens, playing James Bond. Ian McKellen is in fine form as Auric Goldfinger.

One Response

  1. Thought it was great . Toby Stephens & Ian McKellen seem to have some sort of alchimy together .

    Also noticed the novel was edited – and , thank you Lord , all the Fleming sweep thingies ( descriptions of US Motels, US cars or US drinks ) was omitted …

    Waiting for the next one with baited breath now…

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