CNBC uses ‘Spy’ ski jump to illustrate stock market drop

CNBC, the financial-news cable TV channel, opted to use a famous James Bond movie clip to illustrate the April 16 drop in the stock market.

The slide was brought on by accusations by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission against financial giant Goldman Sachs.

So, how to show this visually? Well, around 1 p.m. New York time, CNBC used Rick Sylvester’s ski jump from the pre-credits sequence from The Spy Who Loved Me. Bond fans know it by heart, but here’s a longer clip than the once CNBC used:

Just goes to show that still nobody does it better. (Yeah that’s worth a groan but did you really expect us not to mention that catch phrase?)

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  1. Very first sequence I choosed myself to open my own first 007 TV Documentary ( shot in 1992 ) , ” 30 Years of James Bond ” …

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