1973: Paul McCartney special promotes 007

In April 1973, Paul McCartney had a television special, simpled titled James Paul McCartney, where the musician performed a vareity of songs.

Given it was only a few months before the debut of Live And Let Die, it was a natural that the special include the title song of the new James Bond movie that he and Linda McCartney had written. (A song that producer Harry Saltzman had liked but had wanted to have a woman singer perform.)

You take a look for yourself. It starts at the 3:58 mark of this clip and immediately follows a number where McCartney performs with a group of dancers made up to like half-men and half-women. The Live And Let Die is more straight forward, including clips of Roger Moore’s debut as 007. But Paul & Co. better watch out for the spy at the end.

2 Responses

  1. Geez, the first four minutes of that clip are crap. Embarrassing. I really don’t care for the “theatrical” Macca. And what was with that sped-up Benny Hill schtick at the end of that horrible production number. Double-Yuck.

    The LALD theme was good though. Interesting that for a film played for laughs, the clips shown from the film here aren’t. What is it they say about trailers? What the marketing department “wishes” that the film were?

  2. Ha, Lennon almost got ‘im at the end there, didn’t he?

    I’m a Paul fan (even after this!) but I never heard of that special. And with good reason, I guess. Even for a cheesemeister like Sir Paul, that opening number makes this his equivalent of the “Star Wars Holiday Special”: Disavow all knowledge.

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