Dann Gire and Raymond Benson talk 007

Dann Gire, film critic of the Daily Herald in suburban Chicago, and Raymond Benson, former James Bond continuation author, last week exchanged banter in print about agent 007. Here’s a sampling:

Dann: (Timothy) Dalton was very conscientious about taking 007 back to his roots from Ian Fleming’s books. You should know all about those, since you’ve written six original James Bond novels, three short stories and three novelizations based on 007 screenplays. But sorry, Raymond, even if Dalton did channel the literary Bond, he can’t touch Sean Connery, the first actor to play Agent 007.

Raymond: Absolutely. He’ll always be remembered as the greatest Bond. I do like Daniel Craig, too. Like Dalton, he’s attempting to go the literary route and play the character as Fleming wrote him. His first entry was “Casino Royale” four years ago. He was brilliant and his film was one of the best. But his second, “Quantum of Solace,” left a lot to be desired.

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