Salute to two character actors familiar to TV spy fans

For those who were fans of 1960s spy shows, there were some familiar faces you just could not get away from. Heroes need villains and some character actors got plenty of work as a result.

Two such actors were Alfred Ryder (1916-1995) and John Van Dreelen (1922-1992).

Ryder showed up in four episodes of Mission: Impossible, two of The Man From U.N.C.L.E., once in It Takes a Thief and twice in The Wild, Wild West. Van Dreelen appeared twice on The Man From U.N.C.L.E., twice on The Wild, Wild West, once on Mission: Impossible, once on I Spy, twice on The Blue Light (the short lived World War II spy series), and even once in The Twilight Zone as an Eastern Bloc spy.

In 1966, they appeared together in an espionage-themed episode of The FBI. Ryder actually got to play a sympathetic role of an Israeli Nazi hunter while Van Dreelen was a former Nazi now spying for the Soviets. Van Dreelen often played Nazis and Nazi-types, ironic because, according to his bio, he escaped a Nazi concentration camp by disguising himself as a Nazi officer.

Here’s the start and the end. On the second video, the image remains frozen for about a minute before resuming.