Things looking bad for 007 vs. Tara Chace in May Madness

Ernst Stavro Blofed couldn’t do it. Nor could Goldfinger, Dr. No, Scaramanga or Largo (both versions). But it appears James Bond is about to go down to defeat against Tara Chace in Mister 8’s May Madness.

With less than two hours to go before voting concludes, the Greg Rucka-created Chace leads 007 248-55, gleaning 82 percent of votes cast.

This may seem like a surprise but on reflection probably shouldn’t be viewed that way. Chace fans have responded to tweets and a blog message from Rucka. Many Bond fans, meanwhile, have always considered themselves above that sort of thing. Several years ago, another Web site had some kind of fan-favorite poll and fans of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. organized themselves to vote.

UPDATE: As of 6 p.m. on May 20 (presumably the final results but who knows?), the tally was 256-58 in favor of Tara Chace. We already have a “who gives a rat’s ass” response, which reinforces the previous statement that much of Bond fandom considers itself above this sort of thing.

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  1. Can I state the obvious: who gives a rat’s ass?


  2. Hehe. I certainly don’t, Paul, and I’m throwing the tournament. It’s all a lark, in good fun.

    What I think this actually represents is that because Bond fandom is bigger, it’s harder to centralize and mobilize for a common purpose. UNCLE fandom is a niche fandom, and as such, they seek each other out, find common experiences, interests and goals, and can act as a much more unified body. Same thing with Tara / Q&C fans probably.

    I’ve tried to find at least one fan group through which to advertise the contest, and I sent the message out to a handful of Bond sites, because Bond fandom is so huge. I think it’s so big that my attempts to publicize got roundly ignored!

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  6. Good point about Bond fandom being so large, Armstrong. It’s too large to really have good forum discussion on, in fact. When it comes to the BIG spy guys, I find myself more attracted to blogs like this one, with someone sort of leading the discussion. Whether I comment or not, it’s always good to read someone’s well-stated views. Within the large fan communities, I usually find myself seeking out a niche. For instance, I post most often in the “Spoofs, spies and spinoffs” section of the CBn forum because it’s a smaller group and easier to have a conversation. Even on The Avengers International Forum, I usually hang out in the “Other Spies” section for the same reason—even though I’m a huge fan of Bond and The Avengers! It’s just easier to be a fan of a more niche thing. I spend most of my spyfan forum time on the Eurospy Forum, again because it’s a smaller community and more manageable.

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