Jeffery Deaver to Write New James Bond Novel

“Project X” to be released May, 2011.

Mr. Deaver was born in Glen Ellyn, IL. Coincedentally, previous James Bond author Raymond Benson lives in suburban Chicago, not at all far from Glen Ellyn.

More from the AP here:

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  1. Interesting news, and maybe some small compensation for Bond 23 being delayed. IIRC the original plan for the ‘Robert Markham’ pen-name was that the series would continue with a number of different authors: after ‘Devil May Care’ and this one, is it possible that IFP may be considering something along similar lines?

  2. Just hope it’ll be better than the dreadfull ‘ Devil May Care ‘ Monument …

  3. @Phil: it appears Deaver is writing under his own name (and not “writing as Ian Fleming” as Faulks did.

  4. Sorry, I phrased that post badly: I had read in interviews that Deaver isn’t planning to write ‘as Ian Fleming’. What I was wondering was whether IFP intend to continue the series using a series of different authors rather than assigning the task to just one person, not so much whether those authors would all adopt the same pseudonym (or whatever ‘writing as Ian Fleming’ counts as).

  5. I wonder if, at this rate, Project X will beat Bond 23 to release. Small compensation to film fans. I wonder how the Fleming fans feel?

  6. I don’t think there’s any question that Project X will come out first: Bond 23 was intended for release in late 2011 even before it got put on ice.

  7. […] (Hat tip to The HMSS Weblog.) […]

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